Driving ​hydrogen mobility ​forward

Decarbonise your fleet with
green hydrogen

So you want to shift away from fossil fuels in your vehicle fleet? With izi energy you get a fuel that is both 100% carbon-free and convenient, offering maximum driving comfort, top performance and complete independence from geopolitics and unpredictable energy costs.
Find all you need to greenify your fleet
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We deliver the tanks of hydrogen to your doorstep, or rather parking area or help you generate your own carbon-free fuel supply on-site. 


power station

We deliver and maintain your private refuelling stations, making sure your employees can refuel their vehicles on time, in no time. 




You can choose between a variety of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles from reliable car brands to tailor your fleet to match both your companys needs and your peoples preferences 



We bear the risks and the costs, while you can enjoy the benefits of saving on fuel costs and carbon emissions. 

Hydrogen gives you all the benefits of electric driving, without the drawbacks

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